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Am I Invisible?
A Book by Samuel De La Cerda

A journey of 10 year old twin brothers, Samuel and Elijah finding their individual voices, realizing that every child is born to shine - wrapped up in an inspirational message of celebration our differences and embracing Down syndrome.

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We are living in a very exciting time

Our loved ones with special needs are living longer.

Our own voices have changed from seeking tolerance to

empowering acceptance.

Our communities are extending acceptance and are

benefiting from their growth.

As a world, we have a long way to go.

As parents we are more involved, we value ourselves as the

first educator and number one resource for our children as

they grow and develop into adults.

we have a voice and we have a vision.

I want to take our time together to share our voices

and show our vision.

- Jami Hamel De La Cerda, M.S. Sp. Ed.

Founder and CEO

Join us in celebration for April 2017 National Autism Awareness Month! National Autism Awareness Month represents an excellent opportunity to promote autism awareness and autism acceptance. Celebrate with us all the wonderful Diamonds around us with Autism. We are all unique and all of us are Born to Shine!
32nd Class of the top ten Professional Women
Our founder Jami De La Cerda has been Elected as one of the Top Ten Professional Women and Businesses in the Fresno Area by the Marjaree Mason Center.

Jami will be honored on October 16, 2015 by the Marjaree Mason Center for her Passion, Compassion as well her successfulness and Contributions in Business in the Fresno Area.

Congratulations Jami! We are so Proud To be a part of everything you've done!

We are going to be Celebrating 10 years of Learning at Diamond Learning Center this Year!
March 21st is World down Syndrome Day!
We will celebrate all of our shining diamonds as well as those throughout the world. So show your support and wear your most colorful socks on Friday march 21st, and show them off in pride.
We all are "Born to Shine!"

Our Vision

We envision that all individuals with

developmental disabilities

will have access to Lifelong

Learning in an environment that

fosters positive and meaningful guidance and direction
Our Mission

To foster Lifelong Learning that enables a person with

developmental disabilities to maximize independence

and lead productive and fulfilling lives 

Ensuring  open and nurturing communication

within the circle of support

providing an environment that

embraces programming

that is engaging, interesting and empowering.

Congratulations to

Jami Hamel De La Cerda for winning the prestigious Marc Gold Innovative Practices in Transition Award 2013 for Council of Exceptional Children, Division on Career Development and Transition.

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